General Rules

These rules apply to all event types that we offer at PUBGleague and are subject to change, so please make sure to refer to them often.

Event Rules/Info

Each event offered by PUBGLeague will have it's own set of information, please refer to the event you are interested in under the EVENTS dropdown of the information bar above. It is assumed that players will know the format, scoring and prizing for each event they participate in, knowing is half the battle.


We will be streaming/casting all of our events on our twitch channel. You are welcome to stream your POV but are required to have at least a 3 minute delay on your stream. Players found to be streaming without a delay will be disqualified.

Cheating / Target Dummies

Players found using unauthorized software to enhance their gameplay, or working in conjunction with other players to boost their score (i.e. Target Dummies) will be automatically disqualified and will not be able to participate in any future PUBGLeague events.

Partner Swaps

Any time up to the 2ND WEEK of a closed event the OWNER of a duo may swap their duo partner without incuring any penalty like loss of ladder points or placements. If at any point the OWNER of the duo disbands the duo, all prior points and placement will be removed.


If at any time players from the same org are matched against each other in an event, any conspiracy to cooperate between teams will result in an automatic disqualification for BOTH teams from the current and any future PUBGLeague events.

Spectator Crashes

In the case of the observer crashing during or prior to a match the results of that match will be invalidated and replayed.

Player Crashes

In most cases an individual crash will not result in a remake, if more than 10 players crash in a match it will be determined by the admins if the match will be remade or not. If you do crash please report it to admins ASAP.


Players are expected to be ontime and ready to play, check in lasts for a half an hour and once check in closes matches will starting within ten minutes. Players not ready to play at the start of match will have to wait until the next match starts to partcipate.


Scores will be updated on the website within (1) day of end of the event. There is currently no automated way to pull match information from custom games, so match score will entered by admins after gameplay is complete. For any scoring disputes please contact our admins on the discord or via or twitter account. For duo events both players must be present to receive points.


Prizing will be determined from event to event and prizing information will be found on the EVENT INFORMATION page of the website.


All players are expected to be connected to our discord server prior to game play. All event information will be given to players there. Players not connected to our discord may miss out on important information and admins will not be responsible for miscommunication for players not connected. In the case of duos and squads at least one member of the duo or squad must be present on the discord.

Player Disputes

In case of a dispute, players may be called into voice comms on discord and admins will deal with the dispute in a one on one basis. Any decisions made by the admins are final.

Don't Be A Dick

We're all here for fun, so please keep taunting and crap talking to a low roar. Harassment, hate speech, sexual harassment and other types of communication will not be tolerated and players found to be violating this will be banned permanently from any PUBGLeague events.


Admins have the right at any time to update/modify the rules depedent on the situation at hand. Player disputes will be handled on a one on one basis. Updates will be announced via our Twitter account and in discord prior to match play. Any decisions made by the admins are final.

Upcoming Schedule

Friday October 20, 2017 at 6:00PM EST

  • Name: Dropzone I Ladder
  • Mode: Duo
  • Pers: 1PP
  • Weather: Mixed
  • Registration Is: Closed!
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