How To Report Matches

The Duo Owner is responsible for reporting matches during closed PUBGLeague events. On your dashboard if your duo is checked in the active matches will display under the event information:


Click the REPORT MATCH SCORE button and you will be taken to the reporting screen. SPECIAL NOTE: Screenshots will be required of the FULL end screen from PUBG that displays the # of kills and placement. Screenshots from BOTH PLAYERS on the duo are required to validate your match report. You can use services like Gyazo, imgur etc to provide a link to your screenshot.


Once you have completed the match report click the REPORT MATCH button to submit your report match for validation. This will return you to your dashboard where it will indicate that the match has been reported.


Screenshots from matches other than the matches provided during the event, or attempts to enhance your placement or # of kills will result in a team being disqualified from the event. Administrators will review all match reports for validity prior to approving them and assigning score on the ladder. Duo's that do not report matches before the end of the event will not receive credit for participation.

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