Dropzone - How To Play


  • Duo Owner - The person that creates the Duo, responsible for regitration, check in etc.
  • Duo Partner - The second person on the duo team, partners do not have the ability to check in or register.
  • PUBG IGN - The In Game Name you use in PUBG, this can be different than your steam name, it appears in the top right when logged into the PUBG client.

Step 1 - Register

Register on the site by logging into steam and then filling out the form. Once you have filled out the form you will be taken to your dashboard.

Step 2 - Create or Join a Duo

On the right of your dashboard you will see the option CREATE DUO. Only do this if you wish to be the DUO OWNER. Fill out the form (Your Duo name and Logo) and then you should be returned to your Dashboard. You will see your duo listed in the right hand column and you will have a few more options.

Step 3 - Add Partner

Once you have created your duo add a duo partner. Click ADD PARTNER under your DUO CONTROLS you will be presented with a form. You can add a duo partner by email address, your duo partner MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE WEBSITE before you can add them to your duo, and they must not already be part of a duo.

Step 4 - Register for an Event

On your dashboard there will be a list of upcoming events. If registration is open there will be a button under the event labeled REGISTER. Click REGISTER to register for the event. You MUST REGISTER FOR AN EVENT TO BE ABLE TO CHECK IN ON THE EVENT DAY.

Step 5 - Check in for an Event

On the day of the event the CHECK IN button will become available. Click the CHECK IN button to tell the administrators that you are present. Once you check in please join us on the discord for more information about the event. You do not need to join voice channels, but make sure you join the #PUBGLEAGUE-GAMES text chat to receive information.

Questions and Help

If you have any questions about this event please contact our admins on discord or by @PUBGLeague on Twitter.

Upcoming Schedule

Friday October 20, 2017 at 6:00PM EST

  • Name: Dropzone I Ladder
  • Mode: Duo
  • Pers: 1PP
  • Weather: Mixed
  • Registration Is: Closed!
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